Saturday, February 21, 2015

February Gardening

Our current Utah winter conditions have been more like a perpetual balmy spring, and terribly dry. Punxatawny Phil in Philadelphia may have seen his shadow on Groundhog Day, but the groundhogs around here demanded an early spring and it seems as though that's what we are getting! Sunshine abounds!
With that said, pay attention to trees and shrubs in your yard, especially those most recently planted. Even though it is winter and in their dormancy you don't notice any growth above ground, below ground they are still somewhat active. They still need a drink to prevent winter kill and damage, and to get established. Drag out the hose and after it spits out the ice cubes, let the water trickle around the roots under the dripline and give them a good soak. They'll love you for it! This is a good idea all through winter, not just during warm and dry February!

Check out this link for more in depth information: Preventing Winter Injury